How to grow a bonsai, the indications

How to grow a bonsai, the indications

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How to grow a bonsai: instructions for thecultivation of bonsai. The care to devote to an already formed bonsai and instructions to start growing from seed or cuttings.

Therecultivation of bonsaiit is a practice that requires a great deal of patience and perseverance. If you are a person who tends to lose enthusiasm very easily, it is better to abandon the work before starting :) without resentment but, by choosing the right plants, you will see the first real results after 5 years if you start from the seed.

How to grow a bonsai

The art ofbonsaiit should lead you to a dimension free from tension and where you aim to re-establish contact with nature.

With bonsai, man must "submit" to the rhythms of nature and not vice versa as you have been used to with agriculture!

Bonsaiis a Japanese word that meansPotted tree. The literal translation, however, does not convey well the idea of ​​what a really isbonsai. Many people, when they observe abonsaithey do nothing but see aminiature tree.

When I look at a bonsai I seehours of commitment, patience and care. With its miniature shape, the tree shows its adaptations to an environment that has nothing to do with its natural habitat. While adapting to a few centimeters of substrate, thebonsaiit manages to excite and amaze as well as its most majestic version placed in the wildest growing conditions.

If you decide togrow a bonsaiyou can get started in four ways:

  1. buying a plant already developed at a trusted nursery.
  2. Buying or collecting seeds.
  3. Starting with a cutting.
  4. By modifying and adapting an already developed but morphologically suitable tree.

The fourth option will give you abonsaivery lived-in, rich in pruning and scar tissue. There are many limits in conferring a style; the sapling is readapted and this constitutes a great challenge.

The cutting poses a major limitation because it imposes an initial starting shape. You need to choose the right cutting for your needs.

Therecultivation of bonsai starting from the seedit is the path less traveled because it is longer but offers unique advantages. From the very first sprout, you will decide the fate (and the shapes!) Of the plant. For all information, I invite you to read the guide:How to grow bonsai from seed.

Abonsaigrown byseedin a workmanlike manner, it has no scarred tissues or large truncated branches.

The most immediate solution to growing a bonsai is to purchase a well-developed plant. The cost of a bonsai ranges from 10 euros up to over 15 - 20,000 euros. The cost depends on the species, style and age. Although it is not the age of the bonsai that matters, it is the actual years of care it has received.

Grow bonsai from cuttings

Therecuttingis the most used method forcultivation of bonsai. If you wantgrow a bonsai from cuttingsyou will have to choose abranchsuitable.

The branch must not only be healthy but must be perfectly linear or have somecurvaturesthat you can exploit to your advantage with subsequent binding or pruning.

When you do acuttingfor thecultivation of a bonsai, pick up the branch with very sharp and sterilized scissors. Even if it is a semi-woody species (therefore easier to root), use aplant hormone.

What we call "plant hormone" is actually a phytostimulating substance capable of helping root formation by simulating the action of natural plant moleculesgiberellineiscytokinins.

A specific product for bonsai is not necessary. Among the various choices on the market I would like to point out the rooting powder "Bright green", Offered on Amazon with free shipping at a price of 13.90 euros (in some periods it is on offer at 9.90 euros). There are many rooting agents available on the web and on Amazon, you are spoiled for choice.

For all information on the product: Rooting powder Bright green

In addition to using a rooting product, remember to always keep the soil moistsprayingwater but without wetting the cutting. Use room temperature and possibly distilled water. How do you use the rooting powder? Wet the cut area of ​​the cutting with water for a couple of centimeters, dip the base of the cutting in the rooting powder and then place it in the container with fresh soil to stimulate rooting.

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